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    Issues with performance testing on Qlikview using Jmeter

    Abey Chandy



      I am suppose to do performance testing on Qlikview using JMeter. I installed apache-jmeter-2.9 on a different machine which is on the same network as Qlikview server. I did the Jmeter proxy settings as directed in jmeter_proxy_step_by_step.pdf. I also changed the proxy setting of the browser to localhost ( and port to 9090. This same port is mentioned in the Jmeter proxy setting. Now when I start the Jmeter proxy server and try to access the accesspoint of Qlikview server it opens up login2.htm page which should not open ideally. On this page if I enter correct credentials i get Login failed alert message. If I stop the Jmeter proxy server and disable the proxy in browser I am able to open the accesspoint of Qlikview server. My probelm is I am not able to open access point of Qlikview server using Jmeter. It always lands up on login2.htm.


      PFA Jmeter Configuration


      Please assist..