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    Web-access on user_monitors not working - why?!

    Friedrich Hofmann



      in the context of rolling out QlikView, we have set up a new directory in the management-console as "root directory" into which we copy only those apps which have been officially approved and released.

      Just after doing this, a colleague of mine opened up his Browser with the QlikView address (that ".../qlikview/index.htm") and he could see those apps. He has a Named_User_CAL, so he can see all.

      We tried the same thing just now on the monitor where one of those apps is to be viewed daily - my superior has already assigned a Document_CAL to that monitor for the one app that is relevant to that group of users.

      However, when opening up the Browser with the exact same address on that machine, we could see nothing.

      Can anyone help me there? It is VERY important that we get the first app or two out to the users asap.

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,