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    Combining multiple sheets from multiple qvw into one

      I have a team of two who is working on developing a Qlikview dashboard with two sheets. As I understand, it will be most productive if each of them work on one sheet individually on their Qlikview Desktop (essentially having two .qvw files but with same data model) and then we can combine the two sheets, just by copy pasting the objects from one .qvw to a new sheet in the second .qvw


      Essentially this is what I want - Sheet A in QVW1 (developed separately) + Sheet B in QVW2 (developed separately) = SheetA, SheetB in QVW1 (pre-publishing)


      I searched the community for combining two .qvw into one and all it discusses is how to work with the .qvd files and data model etc.

      I would really appreciate if someone can let me know if my approach is correct, or is there a better way possible.