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    Transition from one server machine to another

    Sandro Krumbein



      We'll have to swap the server hardware for a client in the next few days. A small enterprise edition server is running there and is in use. Now they got improved server hardware, are currently configuring the operation system etc. and soon we'll have to install and configure the server.


      The installation itself isn't the problem, I am wondering how to best make the transition from one to the other? It might require a day or so to get it all set up correctly and we might need to have the new installation fully licensed while doing so. I reckon we'd have to clear the license of the old server first to do this step, but then the old installation couldn't be used anymore and the new one wouldn't be ready, yet. Understand my dilemma? :-)


      Any recommendations on how to solve this or on best practices for this scenario would be highly appreciated! Thank you!