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    Select values from listbox with expressions using javascript

      Hi everyone. I'm trying to do selection of listboxes' values from javascript.

      First of all, I'm a newbie.


      The current code I'm using is like


      var qvDoc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();

      var qvListBox = qvDoc.GetObject("LB05")



      which is working fine while I'm doing selection over a listbox with field values.


      The problem:

      I have created listbox (let's call "LB06") where values are calculate by the expression: Day(WeekStart(MY_DATE))&'-'&Day(WeekEnd(MY_DATE))&' '&Month(MY_DATE).


      Resulting values are:

      15-21 apr

      13-19 mag

      20-26 mag

      17-23 giu


      The question is:

      While in the first case of listbox, I'm using  [FIELDNAME] to access FIELDNAME values and do the proper selection, how can I get access to values given by the expression Day(WeekStart(MY_DATE))&'-'&Day(WeekEnd(MY_DATE))&' '&Month(MY_DATE) ?


      Let's say, for instance, that I'd like to select 15-21 apr.


      A try was to access values with something like 

      qvListBox.QvaPublic.Data.SelectTexts(["=Day(WeekStart(MY_DATE))&'-'&Day(WeekEnd(MY_DATE))&' '&Month(MY_DATE)='15-21 apr']);

      obviously for the Object LB06


      But that's not working.


      Since I'd like to make the proper selection on document opening, another try would be to trigger the sheet opening event (onActivateSheet) with the selection action. But in this case I also have the same problem of how to access values of a "calculated expression listbox".


      Thanks in advance