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    Calculate number of times a value exists with in a given criteria

      I have a ticket system, where there are various status for the tickets. Im trying to create a table that counts the number of times a status occur within each month.

      Specifically Im attempting to create a table that gives me a count of Closed, New, and Open tickets for each YEARMONTH. How do I accomplish that?


      The status options

      • Cancelled
      • Closed
      • Needs Approval
      • On-hold (3rd party)
      • On-hold (me)
      • On-hold (ready for test)
      • Open
      • Open (3rd party responds recieved)
      • Resolved


      I have a column for each Ticket_ID, which is called CLOSED_YEARMONTH, and OPEN_YEARMONTH, which I expect is to be used.



      Thank you for your time and effort.

      Best regards,

      Philip Hoyos