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    Show info acumulated from years and moths

      Hi there,

      I need help, i', m tryig to show the result of an account acumulated to the year selected and the month selected, for example if i only have information in 2009 and part of 2010, and my user selects april 2010, the result must include all information in all the months of 2009 plus the information up to april 2010, the code below kind of does this but it only gives me information up to april 2009 plus the information up to april 2010.

      If the user selects 2009 it must bring only the information of 2009 up to the month selected.







      ({$< Month = {"<=$(#=only(Month))"}, Year = {"<=$(#=only(Year))"},[Account - Report] = {'Balance'}>} $([G/L Amount])) * max(total <[Account - Concept]> [Account - Factor]


      hope i explain myself and thaks a lot in advance