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    List box is cut off

      I have a list box with a field, and a Count(Distinct FieldXYZ) as an expression.


      When doing this, the field gets the first half of the list box (in terms of max displayed characters), and the expression gets the second half of the list box.  The field is generally much larger than the counts.. is there any way to allot more space to the field, and less for the expression?  Otherwise, the user can't see both the field and the count at the same time without scrolling back and forth.



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You can resize the colums with the mouse. If you hover the mouse at the column border the cursor will change to a double headed arrow. You can then drag the column border to the left or the right to resize the column.

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              Ahh, just found it.  There was a lot of white space between the field and expression, so it was difficult to find the special spot where the cursor turns into a double headed arrow.


              My expressions were also right justified, which was causing problems.  I now made them left justified, resized the field, and disabled the horizontal scrollbar since it moves the entire thing (would prefer to scroll the field part only, as it does when you use show frequency, but not having that is fine).


              Thank you!