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    problem with partial sums on pivot table

      Hi qlikview community,


      I am having a proble with the partial sum on my pivot table. The partial sum is diffrent from the sum of rows in my chart. I display my expression above:


      if( b.Year < SubField(vTODAY,'-',1),sum(b.NetSalesValue),if(b.Month < SubField(vTODAY,'-',2),sum(b.NetSalesValue),sum((aggr(sum(b.ForecastQty),b.CustomerClassDescription,b.ProductClassDescription,b.CustomerName,b.YearMonth) * Price) / ExchangeRate)))


      My dimensions are: b.CustomerClassDescription,b.ProductClassDescription,b.CustomerName,b.YearMonth


      I recon that this is because of the aggregation somehow . Any ideas ho to fix that???