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    Variable vSetYTD and vSetYTDModifier

      I am usingthe variablevSetYTD and works correctly starting with day 1 of January.


      I need to start the year with day 1 of November, how could I?



        • Re: Variable vSetYTD and vSetYTDModifier

          The routineCalendarFromField accepts four parameters


          @param 1 String. Fieldname that will be used to establish Min and Max values for the Calendar Date.

          @param 2 String. Optional - the name of the Calendar table. If not supplied the default is "MasterCalendar"

          @param 3 String. Optional - A prefix that will be prepended to all field names and Set variables created for this calendar. For the set vars, blanks in this string will be replaced with underscores.

          @param 4 Number. Optional - First month of the year. If you want to work with a fiscal year starting in April, specify 4.