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    Disable expression by a macro

      Can a expression be disable with a macro???

        • Disable expression by a macro
          Shivarama krishna K


          Yes expression can be disabled through macro.

          I found this example in the API Guide.Qvw file.

          Just go through the sample

          //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Below is the Sample Code which will create a straight table and disable's the first expression//////////////////////////

          Set chart=Activedocument.activesheet.createStraightTable

          Chart.AddDimension "Customer'

          Chart.AddDimension "ProductType"

          Chart.AddExpression "Sum(Amount)"

          Chart.AddExpression "Count(Customer)'

          Set Cp=Chart.GetProperties

          Set Expr=Cp.Expressions.item(0).Item(0).Data.ExpressionData


          Chart.Set Properties Cp