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    After Changing IP Address on the Server, became unable to login

      Hello Everyone,


      I did IP address changing without changing the computer name.
      I had QVS(v11SR2) and QVWS(v11SR2) alone working fine.


      But when I did below, started to receive "Login Failed." message.

      1. Changed the IP address on the QVS but computer name stays still.
      2. Prepared another newly installed QVWS with the hosts file with new line of QVS new IP.
      3. Made sure the connection between QVWSs in the console menu.
      4. Tried to logon with a custom user ID and password.


      Checked both servers' C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml are identical.
      Computer name resolutions are done by hosts files.
      Is there any setting needs to be changed in any QV folders?