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    From and To Date

    Gaurav Khare

      Hello Community,


      I' am stuck with an issue. I have created two calendar objects. One of them points to StartDate while the other corresponds to EndDate. Things are working fine... but the client wants current week to be shown in the Calendar objects when they open the application.

      Example let us say that today is Monday 08-07-2013 tomorrow will be 9th and so on.. when the end user opens the dashboard he/she should see charts based upon current week and also the main part is that the Calander objects should show the dates corresponding to current week.

      If we consider period from 1st July to 5th july, then 'From' calander should show 1st july while the other that is 'To' Calander should show 5th July and these should happen when the dashboard opens

      Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions