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    Multiple criteria in if statement

    Paul Damen



      I want to compare letters between weeks in a table and the result should be an arrow. I have 3 letters R (red), A, (amber), G (green). These are loaded for a list of projects every week. Now I have a straight table containing the projectname and behind the project name I need to see an red arrow if the value is worse compared to last week, a green arrow if the value is better then last week. This needs to be done for 5 area's (Overall, Scope, Time, Budget and Quality)


      So for example I have Project 1 which looks like this:

      Week 27:          Week 28:         

      Overall: R          Overall: G

      Scope: G           Scope: G 

      Time: G             Time: G

      Budget: G          Budget: G

      Quality: R          Quality: R


      So in my table the project should look like this:


                          Overall               Scope               Time               Budget           Quality

      Project 1:     Green Arrow     Green Arrow    Green Arrow   Green Arrow   Green Arrow 


      How can I make an if statement which compares the letter for this week compared to the letter of last week and then returning the picture (the last part I now).

      The problem is I need to compare 2 fields which in my opnion looks like this: Week = vWeek and Overall = Red, compared to: Week = vWeek -1 and Overall = Yellow.

      Could you guys help me how to accomplish this? Hope my explanation is clear.