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    Real Time Updates to QlikView

    Rupert Cavendish

      I do not have QlikView Server but numerous copies of the QlikView client. I am looking into the possibility of using the server to provide a real time or near real time data (within 1 minute) to the end user. Data comes from messaging and so the latest record shows the latest state of a particular message.I realise that the answers to some of the below questions may need different answers depending upon the options used.


      There are a lot of other aspects to the system that can be met admirably by QlikView and it is just the real time nature of the problem that is of interest.


      I would be interested in a few answers that do not seem to appear in documentation:


      Will numbers automatically refresh without the user having to press a key?

      Are there multiple options?

      Will the whole screen refresh or just those areas affected?

      Can this be used for monitoring of (say) stock prices on a live basis?


      Sorry if this is quite a long question........


      Thank you in advance