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    How to add multi color to buttons in sheets, Based on selection

    varaha sasi vardhan kandragula



      I created one tab in my dashboard.Which consists of :



      2. Buttons

      3. Pivot table

      4. Dimensions in List Box

      5. Metrics in List Box


      Now the requirement is, I selected some dimensions and metrics and created one bookmark for my selection and assined the same to one button.


      Like the above mentioned criteria created some 5 buttons with action bookmarks.


      Selected : Green Color

      Others: Blue Color


      Now the issue is that,


      1.By default the first button of the sheet was being selected.


                If i clear only that green color is chaning to blue color.


      The condition I applied was:




      rgb(0,139,43) , (if(vSelectedTrendBookmarkId='BM26' or vSelectedTrendBookmarkId='BM27'or vSelectedTrendBookmarkId='BM28',rgb(0,150,214))))


      CAn any one let me know how to clear:


      1. How to remove default bookmark selection in the sheet.

      2. By default all the buttons should be in blue color. Once selected only need to change to Green.


      Thanks in advance.


      Thanks & Regards,