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    Implement links as part of a diagram?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I face the following scenario:

      On the overview page of my documents, there is a table_diagram with a list of all the KPIs in that document.

      For every KPI, there is a YTD value and a status_light, and there is a link to an Excel file ("Action Plan").

      Currently, those links are textboxes positioned on top of the diagram.
      => This has the consequence that, when I scroll in the diagram, of course they don't move (it is adjusted so that on the "screen_page", no scrolling is necessary, but now one has to scroll inside the diagram).´


      Is there any way I can fix that so that the links move with the line where they are supposed to be? Can I establish hyperlinks as part of the element?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,