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    Help to achieve the Condition to suppress the row

      Hi Techies,

      I Need a help from you all.

      I have 6 columns ( PO No, ADJ Date, Part No, Delivery Qty, Completed Qty, Pending Qty).

      I have the scenario like, in same po date, for same po no and part no I have two lines of data.  One line is firt entered data where Del_Qty is 96 and Comp_Qty is 0 so the pending Qty is 96. In the same day they will update the comp_qty as 96 then pending_qty is 0. If they never update then Comp_Qty will be 0. Please find attached excel.

      My Requirement  is, if completion quantity is zero then I need to suppress the previous entry otherwise I need to display the previous entry.

      In attached excel , I need to show the lines marked in pink and yellow and I want to suppress the lines in white.

      I tried many ways but am not getting the result.

      Techies, I request you all to give an idea on this.

      Thanks in Advance.