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    STORE command - dropping the format from numbers

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to export data from a binary load in the script into text files for subsequent load into a database and running into a few challenges:


      1. I have not identified any way of manipulating/re-setting/dropping the format of an already loaded field - unless I'm missing something, the STORE command has no method of forcing the numeric component of the dual to be stored instead of the formatted (text) component of the dual. As I see it, this severely limits the use of storing data to text files using STORE, as numbers are no longer automatically interpretable by data load utilities. Well, not automatically anyway - one can always load the string values and do a post load conversion of the results in the data base, but it will take unnecessary processing when all I wanted was to export an integer (or other numeric data type) - as an unformatted text integer, no thousand separator, and load it into a DB. The same issue is of course true for dates - you get the formatted text date from a STORE command, but what I'd much prefer is to get the number so I can forget about the formats. Has anyone got any bright ideas? Am I missing something obvious?


      Ps. I'm not after work-arounds based on post-processing of the data by storing to QVD and back again, resident loads or other time intensive / resource intensive operations. Ds.


      Many thanks