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    Open qlikview files after HD failure

    Tjeerd Wieberdink

      Hi All,


      This monday my hard disk crashed with all the qvw's on it. Although I can access and explore the files, I can't open them in QlikView anymore. The files are quite small (200 kb). However, they contain a lot of intelligent scripting which I definitely need to recover.

      I tried the load without data option but it doesnt help.

      I get several different messages for different files. One is the standard  "can't open document" but sometimes qlikview opens the file with the file wizard. This wizard wants to create a load statement with all kinds of weird computerized language (e.g. !@#$%^&*()_DFGH$%^&*IOJHGR%^Y&).

      I also tried the binary load but that doesnt help either.


      All helpful suggestions are very  welcome!




      Tjeerd Wieberdink