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    Show Sheet Condition on Column Data Match

      Hello All,


      I have a document that has several customer-specific worksheets.  Each one of my customers have access to only their group of facilities once they are logged in.  The facilities are categorized by CustomerGroup.  So Facility A thru F could be under CustomerGroup A.


      Well I have a worksheet specific to CustomerGroup A.  I want to write an expression of the "Show Sheet" condition that would show or hide the worksheet based on the CustomerGroup values.  Side Note: Because there are several users under each CustomerGroup it would impossible to maintain a user-based condition.


      So the Facilities table has the CustomerGroup column and a user could have several facilities.  Is there a function that matches on a column that "contains" values versus just a one-to-one match?  Such as CONTAINS(CustomerGroup, "CustomerGroup A")...


      Thanks in advance,

      Brian Byrdsong