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    Reloading on the QV Server Vs Manual on PC

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I have QVDs and some reports that are written primarily in SQL script. I notice that our PC manually reloads faster that our QV server in almost all cases. A job that takes 2 hours on the server running alone, compare to 20 minutes on this PC running unrestricted.



      The specs are as follows:


      BFPC: Intel Core i7  2.93 Ghz  8GB Ram


      QV SERVER: 8x Intel Xeon(s)   2.66 Ghz 4GB (32 total) Ram



      With 8 of these running on our QV server, we cannot understand why the server is not able to run these jobs faster if not match the speed of a local PC reload. I have attached the log of both runs and though it takes the server longer in all parts of the job, the server takes much longer in joins by the looks of it. I know others have had this issue, but I don't see any solutions out there from the community or QV techs.