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    Compare two months (Current vs Previous)

      Hi Community,


      I have a dataset which contains 'ratings' of customers for all 12 months (see example below). I also have a calendar object to select current month in my dashboard. Whenever a user selects a 'current date', I intend to show a difference of 'ratings' between for the month selected ('current month') and month prior to it ('previous month').


      CustName,     Month,     Rating

      A,                    05/31/2013,     4

      A,                    06/30/2013,     5

      B,                    05/31/2013,     7

      B,                    06/30/2013,     3

      C,                    05/31/2013,     9

      C,                    06/30/2013,     7


      The result should be (when user selected 06/30/2013 as current date):


      CustName,     Rating Change

      A                         1                   

      B                         -4

      C                         -2


      Please advise. Thanks