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    Category "Favorites" in QlikView Web access

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we are just deploying QlikView apps for different areas and the plan is that all teams should access the QlikView app we developed for them via the IE.

      A colleague from IT just adjusted the access rights for the different teams, now when opening that address in IE on the team monitors, one can see the QlikView apps - not the right ones yet, but that's probably some settings problem in the management console.

      The current idea is that all the apps stay in the folder where they currently are - the working directory - so that, when first opening that site, the users will see all apps we are working on, the data_models and so on - but on every team monitor, we will set just the one relevant app as a "Favorite", so that the teams will just switch to that view and immediately see the one app that is relevant to them.

      The question is as simple as it is annoying to have to ask it at all: How do I get an application into that category? Can I do that individually for every team?

      When I tried, I could open the general "favorites" dialog, but that's for general IE bookmarks. I'm not sure that will work?


      Thanks a lot for a hint how to get this fixed!

      Best regards,