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    help setting up Oracle datasources on Server for auto reload.

      Hi all,


      this is the latest in a series of obostacles that I have been overcoming in a bid to set up my 64-bit server.


      The latest seems to be an issue with Oracle.

      I installed the Oracle instant client, (win64 11.2 version)

      This allowed me to manually reload a simple application with an ODBC connection using a desktop client on the server.


      However, when running through the Management Console and setting up a reload schedule, it failed.


      Also, I was unable to use OLEDB connection through the qvw script - (manual or auto)



      Confusingly, even though I installed the 64 bit Oracle client, the datasource adminstrator that seemed to work was the System32\odbcad32.exe


      the SysWow64\odbcad.exe would not let me set up an ODBC data source.



      Can anybody advise?

      All day I have been facing issues, then rsolving and getting further along the way to a working product, but this has me stumped.


      p.s. SQL server ODBC works fine from within the management console - so it seems to point at an Oracle issue.