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    need Urgent help ,stock somewhere

      I have been challenging to work with my dashboard report Orders with in last 30 days Orders between 31- 60 days Orders between 60 - 90 days Orders between 90 - 180 days Orders 180 and beyond right now my script looks like this this [OrderData]: LOAD     OrderID,     CustomerID,     EmployeeID,     OrderDate,     Year(OrderDate) as Year,     Month(OrderDate) as  Month,     Week(OrderDate) as Week,     RequiredDate,     ShippedDate,     ShipVia,     Freight,     ShipName,     ShipAddress,     ShipCity,     ShipRegion,     ShipPostalCode,     ShipCountry FROM [C:\Users\simone\Desktop\Northwind Data\Orders.xls] (biff, embedded labels, table is Orders); [MaxDate]: LOAD Max([OrderDate]) As [MaxDate] Resident [OrderData]; Let varMaxDate = Peek('MaxDate',0,'MaxDate');  Drop Table [MaxDate];  [OrderData2]: LOAD     *,     If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<31, '0-30',             If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<61, '30-61',                 If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<91, '60-90',                         If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]<181, '90-180',                             If($(varMaxDate)-[OrderDate]>180, 'Over 181'     ))))) AS [OrderAging] Resident [OrderData];   Drop Table [OrderData];