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    Multiple field count - Conditional

    Phil Speight

      I have 2 problems here connected.  The first problem is that my expression results show as '-1' so they do not count (but still display the correct fields


      My second dilema is that I want to merge my expression to display a chart with all the data in one place..


      The problem I have is that I have 2 conditions that I need to apply over 2 fields, which compounds the complexity.


      1st condition



      Count({$<[StartDate]={'In Process'}>} [StartDate])


      count({$<[ReferenceID]-={''}>} [ReferenceID])


      The above will count and field which has 'In Process' and where there is no ReferenceID




      2nd Condition



      Count({$<[StartDate]-={'In Process'}>} [StartDate])


      [ReferenceID]={''}>} [ReferenceID])



      This one will count any field which has a start date, but does not have a reference number.


      Both of these work in isolation (2 seperate Charts), but I do not know how to put them together to get a full set of data.



      Any help appreciated