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    2 Set Analysis statements in Expression

      Please help.  If I use this expression:


      Sum({<[Season Name] = {Mens}>}  {<[StockCrossdock] = {Stock}>}  [Qty])/ Count({<[Season Name] = {Mens}]>}  {<[StockCrossdock] = {Stock}>} CASE#))


      my result is 35


      If I only use the first Set Analysis: Sum({[Season Name] = {Mens}>} [QTY]) / Count({<[Season Name] = {Mens}]>} CASE#), the result is 33


      I'm looking for If [Season Name] = 'Mens' and [StockCrossdock] = 'Stock', give me the Sum(Qty)/Count(Case#).


      Also, if I create another expression for 'Womens' with the exact same expression but change 'Mens" to "Womens", I get the exact same values as I got with the 'Mens' expression.