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    Splitting the field !!

      Hello Experts,

        I have a field called Year month  - this is in the format 201301 – which is nothing but the year and month . this needs to be changed to

      (Month Jan // Year 2013 as two separate). It should get display as Jan-13.


      How can we do this !!


      I have loaded and done

          Year([Year Month]) as Year,

          Month([Year Month]) as Month


      But the results comes in some number format. (Ex:204751)


      Once it is done i need to combine this with another Date field, may be as a Key but am not sure yet.


      Kindly provide with your answers, your help will be appreciated.




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          Kaushik Solanki



               Try this.


               Load Monthname(Makedate(Left(YearMonth,4),Right(YearMonth,2))) as MonthYear

               ,Date(Date#(YearMonth,'YYYYMM'),'MMM-YY') as MonthYear1 inline [








          Kaushik Solanki

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              Hi Kaushik,

              Thanks for the response. I did not understand why Inline should get load.


              What is the purpose of this, without inline also it works.

              secondly does qlikview understant Left and Right like SQL... I was not knowing these functions are available.




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              Gysbert Wassenaar



                   date(date#([Year Month],'YYYYMM'),'MMM-YY') as [Month Year]


              The dates in that [Month Year] field will have a numeric value that's the first day of the month and a text value for display in the MMM-YY format. Because of the numeric value it can easily be used for calculations, for examply using the addmonths or addyears functions.


              If you want to split the field in a month and a year field try this:


                  Year(date#([Year Month],'YYYYMM')) as Year,

                  Month(date#([Year Month],'YYYYMM')) as Month

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                you can try using the following in your script:



                left([Year month], 4) as Year

                monthname(right([Year month], 2)) as Month

                monthname(right([Year month], 2)) &' - '& left([Year month], 4) as Month_of_Year