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    SAP Connector information + management + monitoring

      Hello Dear community,


      I am an SAP BC administrator and I manage various systems that are linked to Qlikview. I am very new to Qlikview, and I am looking for administration relevant information.


      Note I have not overseen the setup of the Qlikview envirronment. But from my initial research I understand there is a Qlikview server that communicates with a Qlikview SAP Connector. This is a "client" binary that runs on the host of the sap system.


      I would like to know;

      • if it's possible to control the QV client binary from within SAP (stopping/starting/status/version/config change...). E.G via some kind of management Qlikview transaction ?
      • same as above but from the QV server administration framework ?
      • are there any monitoring functionnality ?
      • does the QV server pull data ? Or does the QV client sends data ? Or both ?
      • update/upgrade strategy ? Do we need to follow the QV server side ?


      You might be redirecitng me to a wiki page or similar, but i have not yet found such information.


      Thanks in advance.