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    Why is the load resident ignored?



      I need help with the below code. In execution, the part highlighted (load resident) is ignored or something, for some reason, and I get error later on, in another tab, where table "person" is referred but is not found. This code does not generate any error. I went in debug and set bookmark on the load line and hit Run. The execution does not reach that point, never stops there. Are these scripts executed line by line in the sequence the lines are written? Other tabs have load resident, they all work. This one doesn't work. I tried replacind match with 0 = 0 but it does not work.


         US_FNAME & ' ' & US_LNAME as User,
         POS_ID as PosID
      SQL SELECT * FROM person inner join users on per_addedby = us_id inner join position_person_join on ppj_id_pers = per_id inner join positions on pos_id = ppj_id_pos
      where pos_status = 'active';
      join (t_person)
          POS_ID as PosID, 
          US_FNAME & ' ' & US_LNAME as Owner
      SQL SELECT * FROM positions inner join users  on us_id = pos_responsible; 
      LOAD * 
      Resident t_person
      where match(User,'Name1','Name2','Name3') = 0;
      drop table t_person;

      (code is simplified here, but the highlighted one is "as is" in the script)


      Thank you for your help and your time.