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    Objects that disapear! ( gray blocks on objects )

    Peyman Azimabadi

      Hi all,

      it's a while that we have a strange problem!

      Sometimes after a selection or changing the active sheet in a document, some objects disapear! i need to do some action to refresh the view and then we can see the objects again.

      Sometimes it's more strange and that is a part of a objects is gray and i need to refresh the view to see the result again.

      I've attached some example pics from grayed objects.

      We have tried to refresh the view after every select ot action with macro, but the problem is there!

      It's really bad and we have lost some customers only becuse of this problem with QV. They thpught that QV has render problems!

      I think too that it can be a render engeen problem.

      Any idea or help is welcome!


      Best Regards