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    Hide / modify information

      Hello QlikView gurus.


      I have a technical question about hiding information. Let me explain myself. As a common practice, our consultant office asks us to modify every single job we do in qlikview, say, a SIB about sales, to transform every single row containing client names, item names, addresses, etc about our clients to a number, to say, Client Juan Pérez is transformed to Client 574, so we can use the work we did in future QlikView presentations, while protecting our clients privacy.


      The problem is: we usually use the autonumber() function to do the job. But, now we have a QVW document without the source info (QVD's), so we can't modify the document using script.


      There's a way to use functions directly on the listboxes expression, or in the straight/pivot/charts to transform the information? Like using something like the autonumber() or replace()?


      Thanks in advance!!!!