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    How to have an Admin/Super User in Section Access

      I have a Section Access in my Qlikview dashboard, with an ADMIN and some USERS. Now, the way I have designed Section Access is to have an additional field called as EMPLOYEEID, which maps to my data model and shows data only for that particular employee. Assume, I have total of 100 employees


      I do not want all EMPLOYEEs to access the dashboard, thats why I have added only 5 USERS with different EMPLOYEEID in my Section Access file. Now, I want ADMIN to access data for all 100 Employees and not only the 5 Employees that are mentioned in the section access file. If I put * for Admin, I see data only for 5 Employees. What options do I have that will allow ADMIN to see data for all 100 employees, while not having all 100 rows in my Section Access table.




      The above shows only data for EmployeedID 1,2,3,4,5 when I login as Administrator. This is not what I want.

      I hope I have been able to explain the problem clearly.