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    Value of column A should not be the same as value of column B, how?



      what would be the best way to deal with the following:


      I have:


      customer_id (joe, ann)

      product_id (orange, apple, coffee)

      store_postnumber (zip/post number where the stores are located)

      customer_postnumber (zip/post number where the customers are from)


      1) I need to find out the customers that bought products but have different postnumber than the postnumber of the store:


      i tryed:

      count({$<Customer_postnumber-={'store_postnumber'}>} customer_id) - this doesnt work

      count({$<Customer_postnumber=E({<store_postnumber>})}>} customer_id) - this doesnt work either



      what is the correct syntax or function for that, anyone can help out?


      and then I need to find out customers same as above but the ones that bought only oranges? how would be the set analysis/expression in that case?


      thanks in advance for your help.



      ATTACHED a light version of an example. I hope it helps


      cant send the original one but it is more or less the same structure that the one i Attached and thanks! Message was edited by: romandahl