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    Qlikview Server - How to remove AJAX toolbar and color background?

    João Nuno Duarte

      Good afternoon,


      We are using QlikView Server 11 on Windows Server 2008 R2. As a development of our project, it is wanted that our dashboards don't present the AJAX toolbar when they are accessed via Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. It is also required that the dashboard background is white instead of the light grey thar appears by default.


      Concerning that, I have read some topics on 'how to hide AJAX toolbar' or 'how to change the background color' and then some problems arise.


      1- About hiding the AJAX toolbar, there are two options: on one hand by using the nobar.qar extension or, on the other hand, by modifying the opendoc.htm file in the \Qlikview\Server\Qlikview Clients\Qlikview Ajax folder. However, I installed the referred document extension but nothing changed. I also tried changing the opendoc.htm file by inserting









      between the head and body of the htm file, as I read in a QlikCommunity discussion.


      The problem is that in the end none of those solutions produced the intended result: not having the AJAX toolbar in the web view of the dashboard.

      I appreciate your help on realizing if either I had done something wrong or missed some step.


      2- In order to change the dashboard's background color from light grey to white, it was recommended that the default.css file was modified. Thus, I would like to understand which changes should I make in the default.css.



      I hope you can help with these two issues.


      Thank you in advance,


      João Duarte