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    How to get a Filter Value in Set Analisys




      let me say that I have a table about regions in my country:


      Father , RegionName, Type (R=Region, S = State, C = Country)

      Brasil , South , R

      Brasil , North , R

      South , Rio de Janeiro , S

      South , São Paulo , S

      North ,  Amazonia , S

      North , Acre  , S

      Brasil , Rio de Janeiro , C

      Brasil , São Paulo , C

      Brasil , Amazonia , C

      Brasil , Acre , C


      So, when i filter by North, I will get Amazonia and Acre.

      If I filter using Brasil, I will get all States from Brasil.. and so on..


      Now I have some values for each one of these, like

      RegionName , Value

      Rio de Janeiro , 1

      São Paulo , 2

      Amazonia , 1

      Acre , 3


      Now let me say that I have a Filter ( [eIDEBEM]::Region ), with all regions, like:




      Rio de Janeiro

      São Paulo




      When someone check's Brasil, i Would like to get back all States from Brasil.


      I did a Table , with a expression to grab the Type and filter like that


      =IF( only({<RegionName=[eIDEBEM]::Region>} Type)='C'



      only({<Type={'S'}>}Value) //Reference 1



      only({<RegionName=[eIDEBEM]::Region>} Type)='R'


                only({<Type={'S'},Father=[eIDEBEM]::Region>} Value)


      only({<Type={'S'},RegionName=[eIDEBEM]::Region>} Value)





      When i choose the Counstry Brasil, and I ask to just print a number instead another set , it filters the Type like a Country (C).

      Bu when I use the set, looks like it get's again in this expression and the do not goes to the first condition and then get in the last condition, breaking all the login.


      Anybody know What I'm doing wrong?

      Dows anyone has another ideias of how solve that?