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    how to get the Application to start-up with pre-configured selections ?



      I am new to the QV-community, hoping to find some guidelines for my problem:


      the Application reports Sales figures, and for now I pre-select the Month and year when storing the DEV version,

      so when users connect to the QV-server via Internet-Explorer, the current month is preselected, but then can change it

      to review previous months.


      this requires me to update the DEV-version each month, updating the pre-selection to the now new month, saving

      and publishing the application to the PRD-server.

      The application itself is automatically reloaidng the data from the ERP-system each night.


      I am looking for a method either in the script or an advanced selection, so that on startup it defaults to the actiual month,

      even when going to the next month and no manual update to the pre-selections.


      Thank you