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    Separated line charts for one selection

      Hi All,


      I have done up 2 line charts, where one shows all the currency types and another one showing the line chart for USD.

      I want to make sure that the USD line chart remains fixed no matter what currency i choose from my listbox for the other chart.

      This is so that I can compare the two currency charts, eg. AUD and USD, MYR and USD etc etc


      I tried detaching the USD chart but once I save and exit, the detach property will disappear when I open it up again, which is troublesome.

      Is there any way that I can change my in expression for the USD chart to remain fixed?


      Below is my expression for the USD chart. I used two dimensions, tenor and date of reporting.







      Below is my expression for the charts will currency types.




      I already tried modifying my 1 with $, remove quote ' ' but it still does not work..


      Any suggestions?