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    Various End-User Speeds

      Hi all,


      We have an Enterprise stand-alone server with 160GB RAM (only ever using 40% max) on our internal network. We have a large number of apps deployed and just invested a lot of time in a new app to monitor a vast number of performance indicators. The dataset has about 16M base records with a number of other linked tables in star-format - just under 0.5GB.


      End user speed started off really slow, but recently we have seen some improvement; however this is only for certain users. Even users in the same office they have extremely varying speeds – 20s to 7min to open the report.


      Current situation and rectifications attempted:

      ·        Using IE Plugin (latest version)

      ·         Server & desktop v11 SR2

      ·         Server is a “Trusted Site”

      ·         Preload for the document on the server

      ·         No triggers on opening

      ·         Tracert, etc. investigated and all user have same hops

      ·         Connecting through 4747 ports, i.e. not tunnelling


      The strange thing this that the more a user opens the report, the quicker it appears to open – I cannot think why this would be???


      Any ideas or anything that I have not though of trying, please let me know.