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    nested IntervalMatch? Is it even possible?

      Hi, Basically I have 3 ranges of organisation structure levels for each user:


      Org1 = From AAAA To CCCC

      Org2 = From FFFF To KKKK

      Org3 = From XXXX To ZZZZ



      Org1 = From BBBB To CCCC

      Org2 = From LLLL To OOOO

      Org3 = From XXXX To ZZZZ



      Now each record has:

      Record     Org1     Org2     Org3

      1000          B          F          Y

      1001          C          G          Z

      1002          A          K          X


      I need your help in finding a way to link the Users to the Records where only they have the permission, ie, the record falls in their organisation structure.


      Any ideas please? I thought of the IntervalMatch and then realised I might need to nest the 3 levels together but I dont know the syntax for it and cannot find it online :/