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    QlikView apps don't adapt to differing screen sizes

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I'm currently facing the issue that I am developing QlikView apps in a Client version on a laptop screen (or on a 20" external screen), but the teams are going to view them

      - via their Browser

      - on TV screens approx. double that size (40" or so).

      It seems that QlikView is kind of stubborn when it comes to adapting to differing screen sizes: While on my screen, the apps look all right and all the screen space is being used, on the team TVs the elements might be hovering a mile above the lower screen limit, thus wasting a lot of space.

      In the client version, I can always use the main menu to "adapt to screen size", but in the Browser version I know of no such functionality yet. There is a browser-level-functionality to adapt the zoom. Can I use that? But when I do, I cannot save that along with the bookmark on that specific app, can I? So it will have to be set time and time again...


      Can anyone give me a hint on this?

      If I cannot find a better solution, I'll have to finalize my apps on a team TV so as to make it look okay for the biggest group of users, which will be the teams.

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,