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    Fixed X-Axis In Line Chart For A Particular Selection

      Hi All,


      I have two line charts, where the first is fixed to depict rates for USD currency, while the 2nd shows for all currency types.

      I also have a few listboxs, in Currency listbox, where if one currency type is selected, the 2nd chart will show the rates accordingly

      so that I can compare with the fixed USD chart.

      However, the Tenor value which is the x-axis varies for different currency.



      BND have tenors from 1M to T/N but USD tenors are complete (1M, 2M, ... 25Y, 30Y, O/N, T/N)


      I just want to make sure that when a particular currency is selected, my fixed USD line chart's x-axis also follows the x-axis of the other chart.

      i.e. when BND is selected, x-axis of USD also consists of the same x-axis and omit other tenors which are not available for BND.


      is there some way where I can ensure that the Tenor listbox displaying possible tenor values for a particular selection in my Currency listbox are

      also selected (in green)?

      Sorting doesnt help, it displays the omitted values all over the place in my USD chart instead


      I've attached a sample workbook and Qv file.