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    Last purchase date and price

    Kristian König



      i have a table_chart that looks like this


      ItemID(Dimension), Date of purchase(Dimension) - Expression: Amount, QTY. I want to add Last Price and Last purchase Date.


      The Line "ItemID" is connected to saleslines and via the Saleslines with the customer table. The values change when i select the buyer for whom i want the statistics.


      The Expression: FirstSortedValue( Salesprice , -Date)  should give me the last price and it does. But my problems:


      - Some fields(items) have "-" as a value in last price, i think its due to the fact that the Item have been sold on one day more then once?

      - last purchase date isnt beeing showed at all


      I would appreciate help on this matter.


      The table should show every Item only once with the last date and last Price and when i select a customer it should adopt. Anybody an idea how the formula should look like?


      Thank you in advance