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    Columns Truncated in Graphics?

      At certain times, I'm finding that the graphic column display is getting truncated, especially when there are very few columns:



      On the Properties->Style tab for this graphic, the following have been selected:

      1. The bar type is second from bottom in the left-hand list.

      2. Top angle 20, side angle 15.

      3. Subtype: grouped.

      4. Plot Area Background Style: minimal.


      This happens both in the personal edition and the web client.


      Is this a known issue, and is there a workround?





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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The obvious workaround would be to not use that kind of 3D chart, but stick to 2D. Any BI professional with any knowledge about data visualisation will strongly discourage the use of 3D charts because they distort the data, are often inaccurate and are hard to read. There are some kind of data sets that cannot be visualised very well in 2D. Your data does not fall in that category. A 2D bar chart is by far superior in your case.

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            si saa

            Hi, Try reducing the Top angle values under style tab of the chart properties. regards. Siva

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                Yes, take it down to 10 seems to stop the effect. The pity is that it also reduces the 3D effect - which is what the users wanted.


                But I'm beginning to notice more and more display 'features' in QlikView. In this case why offer view changes if the system can't actually implement them?


                Anyway, thanks for you useful help.




                John B