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    Make a bookmark select on one of two fields depending on the sheet

    Friedrich Hofmann



      people in my company are viewing my QlikView apps on television screens in their Web Browser - we decided to use the IE plugin to not have to maintain and update software on all the machines all over the place.

      It seems that for some reason, the IE plugin does not replicate the triggers I have set on every sheet to both

      - make selections (usually the current week) and

      - set some variables (equivalent to cycle_groups to change the display in the diagrams)

      don't work. I assume that the reason is that IE for some reason does not realize when a certain sheet is activated. That will make this interesting.

      And here is the current challenge:

      I have one diagram making use of a date_field that is different from the date_field that all the other diagrams use. I have a full calendar in my data_model, but that is connected via the date_field that most diagrams use - for that reason I cannot use that calendar in that one diagram that uses a different date_field, else I'd get wrong data.

      => So I have set up a second calendar and connected that via the other date_field, so far everyone's happy.

      <=> Now, because the triggers don't work, I have created two separate bookmarks, both of which actually do the same: They select the current week (the past one on a Monday, the current one from Tue thru Sat). They just make that selection on two different week_fields.


      Is there any way I can get around this and have just one bookmark that the users will have to apply and that will just select one weekfield when any but that one different diagram is active and select on the other weekfield when that one different diagram is active?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,