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    Point-in-time reporting

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have the impression that this chapter in the book "QlikView 11 for developers" is pretty complicated.

      I have - or rather, an external consultant has - done this in a much easier way, without defining fields to disregard and stuff. In the meantime I've changed it, but here it is:


      A set identifier expression for the previous month (based on a selection on a field >month< can come down to the following:

      >>  Monat = {$(=Month(addmonths(min(Datum_final), -1)))}  << - where >Datum_final< is my date field which the month is of course calculated from.

      This does not work, however, when you have no selections at all - one would have to nest this inside an IF condition using the Getcurrentselections function to find out whether or not any selection has been done.


      I hope this might help someone.

      Best regards,