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    Fiscal Calendar Help !!!

    afsar shaikh

      Hi Guys,


      Please help me out for the fiscal calendar creation.


      Almost, the work has done but I'm facing while using fiscal week logic.


      The thing is fiscal year starts from April followed by 4 sections of fiscal quarters namely Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.


      Each Quarter is of  3 months like Q1 from April to June, Q2 from July to September and vice versa.


      Also, for fiscal week if the 1st month of the fiscal quarter is selected then, the fiscal week values should get selected from 1 to 4 and same as for 2nd month.


      But if the 3rd month of the quarter is selected, 5 particular weeks should be get selected.


      So, I hope you might understand my logic and help me for the same.





      Afsar Shaikh