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    New diagram - data from different tables

    Friedrich Hofmann



      combining data from different tables is generally easy with QlikView, but here is a challenge:

      - I want to build a barchart with a nr. of (self-defined) categories as the dimension and a nr. of employees within those categories as formula.

      - That works fine so far, querying a database table where data is updated daily.

      <=> There is no date_field in that table´, only a month - one record per month, updated daily, meaning this month's value is updated daily and will finally remain on the value of the last day of this month.

      <=> This means that, while I can display the values in different months or a very current value, anything inbetween (e.g. cw 27 (we are in 29)) is impossible using that table.


      => For this reason, I have, in order to have more data points, to query another table where there is a record for every day - I will thus select the value for last month from the one table and add the daily values from the 1st of this month till the day selected from the other table.


      The best I can come up with is doing a RESIDENT LOAD from both tables and creating a qvd in which I will have more detailed data for the current month - one value each for past months is okay. The thing is, this is personell data and I don't really want to create a qvd, unless I can immediately delete it so that it can't be accessed anymore.

      Can anyone come up with a better idea?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,