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    Error with simple dataflow to create lookup Table initialize function failed

      I have a simple project started.


      Step 1 - Read File write Lookup Table works fine.


      Step 2 - same steps as Step 1, but using a different input file, and I get a failure. Tried to really simplify and use the same file as in step 1, and it still fails.


      Write Lookup Table 1 - OPERATOR-0066-A: toolId 5.1, name 'write-lookup' - INTERNAL ERROR: Please contact Qliktech technical support and provide the following code: |RVhQX0FTU0VSVChsZW5ndGggPiAwKSBhdCBzcmNcZXByb2Nlc3NvclxsaWItZXBvcnRccmVjb3JkXGFzc2VtYmxlci5jcHA6MTA3LCBXZWQgQXByICAzIDE1OjU0OjQ0IDIwMTMsIE1heSAgMiAyMDEz| (CustomerMapping.LdClientType)

      Write Lookup Table 1 - OPERATOR-0003-F: toolId 5.1, name 'Write Lookup Table 1' - the 'initialize' function failed. (CustomerMapping.LdClientType)

      Write Lookup Table 1 - ETOOL-0006-F: operator 5.1, type write-lookup, name 'Write Lookup Table 1': etool failed, phase runInitialize. (CustomerMapping.LdClientType)

      Write Lookup Table 1 - ETOOL-0016-A: operator 5.1, type write-lookup, pid 5172 - initialize() failed. (CustomerMapping.LdClientType)


      Any ideas?